Adult Tennis

Adult Tennis

The Wembley club offers the best experience for both seasoned tennis players as well as beginners who are setting out on a tennis adventure.

Are you looking to improve your game? Does that pesky backhand return needs a little more power? Do you need to master your kick serve? Personalized one-on-one tennis instruction with one of our world class pros is sure to help.  There are also a number of scheduled group drills over the course of the week that you could participate in to work on strategy and positioning for both Singles and Doubles games.

If you are a beginner or have not played tennis in a while but would like to re-immerse yourself, the Start/Re-start program is your best option. Even if you’ve taken Tennis 1-2-3 in the past, this is a great next step to improve your skills. Racquets available to borrow upon request. Many participants move on to playing USTA and inter-club leagues.